Chichester pays tribute to Pennie Davis

Pennie Davis
Pennie Davis

TRIBUTES have poured in to the Observer after the murder of a former Chichester woman.

Pennie Davis, 47, had recently relocated to the New Forest with her husband and was found stabbed in a field where she was tending her horse last Tuesday (September 2).

The mum-of-five had moved from Chichester, where she was known as Pennie Lambert.

Friends told the Observer she had lived in Westhampnett and Chichester over the years, working at Tesco in Fishbourne and having attended St Philip Howard school. Pennie’s children, Sophie, Alex, Georga, Daniel and Josef, and her husband Pete, said: “It has been a long, agonising week since our precious mum and wife was selfishly taken from us. We had no idea how many lives she had touched, as we have been overwhelmed by love and support. Despite this, the void in our hearts only continues to grow.

“No other person deserves to go the way our poor mum and wife did. We will never begin to understand how scared and alone she must have felt. We are devastated by 
the death of our beloved mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.”

Observer reader Siobhan Worthington-Lavery said: “Pennie and I go way back to our teens at St Philip Howard High School. I cooked her first meal for her boyfriend then hid over the road in the pub. She gave me an urgent lift to hospital when I went into labour with my son Lewis and I massaged her feet later when she gave birth to Alex. We were the very best of friends for many, many years, but unfortunately fell out about eight or nine years ago. I know she had a lot to offer her friends and loved her children dearly. Her death has come as a big shock and has caused great upset.

“I hope her husband and children find peace in their hearts knowing how much she loved them.”

Donna Ware said: “Pennie was a really kind women, a wonderful and loving mum, she loved life and it was a pleasure to have known her.”

Hayley Gatford, said: “Pennie you gave me a lot of strength when I was going through my marriage break up. We spent many mornings at mothers and toddlers in Selsey together planning next move. Gutted for you and family love, sweet dreams.”

One of her friends write a poem in her memory:

You were a dear friend of mine,

Someone pure of heart,

Working for tesco’s is where our friendship did start,

We kept in touch through all the years,

Distance did not change a thing,

The loss of you is tragic,

In my heart I feel a sting,

Through good times and bad times,

You were a friend of mine,

I’ll miss your smile, I’ll miss your laugh,

Until the end of time.

The world will go on spinning,

But will not remain the same,

I’ll miss you Pennie always,

Until we meet again

By Michelle Diamond