Chichester pupils plant trees for the future

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SEVEN fruit trees will soon be feeding hungry children at a city primary school.

A mini-orchard was planted by volunteers from Transition Chichester at Kingsham Primary School in memory of teaching assistant Jan Yaxley, who died in December.

Four apple trees, a pear and two plums were planted at Kingsham in a bid to teach youngsters about where their food comes from, according to orchard planting co-ordinator Rita Damper.

“A lot of children think you go to the supermarket and the apples appear magically in plastic bags,” she said. “So they are going to be learning about how fruit grows and understanding the whole process behind food.

“It is also teaching the children patience – when you plant fruit trees, you can’t have the fruit the next year or even the year after that. It is teaching them the whole idea of legacy.”

Parklands Primary School also had an orchard of eight trees planted in the scheme, which is funded by Chichester City Council with a donation from schools.