Chichester residents are tenth happiest

Chichester from the air
Chichester from the air

Chichester is ranked the tenth happiest place to live in Rightmove’s national Happy at Home Index.

More than 17,000 people across 159 areas in Great Britain took part in the study.

It asked residents how happy they are where they live and also to rank 12 happiness factors.

Rightmove’s research manager Abiola Oni said: “We’ve looked at the connection between each of the factors and what contributes to how happy people say they are overall and it’s the people in an area and how someone feels about living there that makes the biggest difference.

“So the strength of community spirit, people feeling like they belong and that they can be themselves are all more important than the services and money that they have, though these do still contribute to overall happiness.”

This year Leamington Spa came top and the results indicate that the south is happier, as seven out of the top ten happiest areas are in the south (Leigh on Sea, Tunbridge Wells, King’s Lynn, Epsom, Richmond upon Thames, Poole and Chichester).