Chichester residents divided over double yellow lines plans

C150386-2 Chi Cars  phot kate''Residential areas around Swanfield Drive.Picture by Kate Shemilt.C150386-2 SUS-150317-180917001
C150386-2 Chi Cars phot kate''Residential areas around Swanfield Drive.Picture by Kate Shemilt.C150386-2 SUS-150317-180917001

RESIDENTS have locked horns over an ‘aggressive’ double yellow line proposal.

Over-cramped and dangerous parking has been an issue for people living north of St Richard’s Hospital ever since permit parking was introduced in roads south of the hospital in April last year to stop staff parking there.

The council has now proposed to put double yellow lines in the northern roads of Barnfield Drive, Baxendale Road, Bostock Road, Graylingwell Drive and Palmers Field Avenue, to solve the issue.

But this has led to a mixture of anger and cheer.

Ewan Haig, from Bostock Road, said although this scheme was ‘an aggressive one’, it would stop irresponsible parking.

He said the estate was built with the idea people would not need cars to travel to work due to their proximity to the town and so planners included only 1.2 parking spaces per household.

“Our estate was never designed for lots of parked cars. It’s just madness, but we are left with the legacy of it.

“The council wants to help and I think this was their attempt to help and I support their effort, but everyone would be more happy with a combination of yellow lines and a residents’ scheme.

“It’s just frustrating because something that looks like commonsense takes years to get sorted out.”

He said the proposed lines would be placed 
where drivers should not be parking anyway.

Other residents took to social media to voice their concerns.

Gareth Jones, of Graylingwell Drive, said if it wasn’t for drivers 
‘dumping cars and not caring about emergency vehicles getting through’, this wouldn’t be an issue.

He said: “I fully support anything that means my family are safer and not put at risk by inconsiderate morons!”

Elaine Parker added: “Having witnessed so much road rage and frustrated drivers not being able to drive freely along the roads, it’s an utter joke.

“The roads are too congested with parked cars that shouldn’t be there, it’s dangerous, I’m surprised there hasn’t been an accident.”

A Baxendale Road resident added: “At long last something is being done! I have to say that the appalling lack of consideration by many residents’ parking was almost as bad as those who used Baxendale Road and those roads nearby.”

However, some have said the proposal would punish residents for other people’s irresponsible parking and residents from other 
nearby roads have said this may push the problem to other areas.

Nicky Ledbury said: “Ridiculous, they are basically trying to turn Chichester into a car-free zone. Where are visitors of the residents meant to park!”

A Palmersfield resident added: “I will no longer be able to park outside my own home even though I pay an extortionate council tax.”

A spokesman for the hospital said discounted parking was provided to staff but there is a finite amount of space and a waiting list.

He said: “We regret if there is inconvenience to our neighbours and regularly remind staff to park responsibly.”

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said officers were considering the responses to the consultation.