Chichester residents enjoy a virtual cruise

RESIDENTS of a Chichester care home enjoyed a taste of the exotic when they embarked on a virtual cruise to Spain, Italy and Greece thanks to its staff.

Mariott House and Lodge, in Tollhouse Close, became HMS Mariott for the day when they went on a tasting tour of the three countries.

Decorations for the cruise were made by residents and staff leading up to the event and they also enjoyed a host of cruise-themed activities.

These included making cocktails, cooking their own pizza and decorating crockery in a Greek style.

The day finished with a strawberries and cream afternoon when they ‘arrived’ back in Blighty.

The Barchester-run home regularly holds events and activities for residents and the wider community.

General manager Theresa Shell said: “HMS Marriott has been a huge success and has been about taking our residents and staff on virtual trip to different countries.

“Along the way we joined together and shared memories of the residents’ past visits to these countries.

“It has combined with our postcard from around the world club and it has been great fun for everyone.”