Chichester residents say housing issues still aren’t being addressed

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THREE weeks after residents cried foul over a housing scheme in the heart of Chichester, they claim developers continue to treat their concerns as ‘a nuisance’.

On behalf of Winden Avenue and Whyke residents, resident Adrienne Ogden has written to the Hyde Group complaining about the ongoing construction work at the Heritage site, at the top of Winden Avenue.

“After news of the effects of building work on our quality of life appeared in the Chichester Observer (9.4.15) we were disappointed that the only response to our repeated complaints, over a long period, has been a bland apology to the press,” she said.

“As we said in the newspaper article, local residents have shown immense patience with the noise and disruption over the past two years but we feel the builders have shown no respect for us in return.”

The site consists of 94 homes include 58 one or two-bed flats for renting, and 36 homes for shared ownership.

The letter, which also copied in several Chichester district councillors and the council’s chief executive Diane Shepherd, claimed the builders had now started to post ‘civil enforcement parking notices’ on their land and placing parking tickets on ‘offending vehicles’.

“This is just a brief snapshot of the problems we suffer,” Ms Ogden said. “In the article, Tom Shaw of Hyde Group said that Drew Smith was ‘working hard’ to ensure residents experience the lowest levels of inconvenience possible’.

“They are categorically not doing so. The current site manager is belligerent in his attitude, and the site culture appears to have the mindset that means residents who complain are seen as a nuisance.”

She said the majority of Winden Avenue residents and residents at the top of Whyke Road held a meeting and this email was sent on their behalf.

She finished by saying: “Will you undertake to come to the site and meet us to deal with these serious issues in person, rather than simply responding via the local newspaper?”

An email response was sent within 30 minutes to the recipients of the original email by Tom Shaw, development director at Hyde.

He said the issues were being addressed and a meeting was arranged between the project manager and residents to discuss concerns, as well 
as working with contractor Drew Smith.

He said a construction environment management plan was in place and being followed.

He said a check last December by an independent inspector found best practice measures to be in place.