Chichester residents use Facebook to express anger over potholes

Florence Road potholes.'''Photo by Louise Adams C121926-4 Chi Potholes
Florence Road potholes.'''Photo by Louise Adams C121926-4 Chi Potholes

POTHOLES in Chichester have been causing a storm on social networking sites, after residents expressed anger at the sheer amount of them in the city.

And it’s not just Chichester, Selsey residents spoke out too about the pothole problem in the town, and yesterday (January 2), a councillor of Selsey Town Council said they were ‘craters, not potholes’.

After the Observer asked readers via the Facebook page, whether they had noticed potholes in Florence Road, Chichester, an overwhelming number of responses came back.

One user on Facebook, Stacey Lamb, said: “The potholes in Florence Road are ridiculous! They’re damaging my tyres, and there is a huge one you cannot avoid as you pull out of Windsor Road, unless you want to collide with another car.

“The road is dangerous enough as it is with the terrible parking. It needs relaying completely. Every day a new one has appeared and the rubble on the road is causing problems too.”

Maria Barnes, said: “I live by Florence Road and ended having to go through a huge one. My car is small and my back wheel is pushed under the arch now, which is gonna cost a fortune !!

“Everywhere’s getting bad, surely the amount of road tax we pay the council should sort them out!! And if they don’t then pay for all our damages. They are unavoidable, and when roads are flooded we cant see them!!”

A West Sussex County Council spokesman responded to the issue, and said: “The heavy rain over the Christmas period has caused the size and number of potholes to increase.

“Surface water has exacerbated the problem with existing potholes, as the water washes away loose particles of road surface whenever vehicles pass over them.”

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