Chichester residents voice frustration over street parking by hospital staff

Residents who live near St Richard’s Hospital have demanded action to be taken to halt people – including hospital staff – from parking down their roads.

Gary Brammall, who is disabled, said he has witnessed hospital staff parking by his home in Lennox Road, Chichester.

“Some cars park so close to the back of my car that I can’t get my wheelchair out. I have contacted the hospital. I think the only solution is double yellow lines or to introduce parking permits.

“A number of residents I have spoken to said they would rather pay £45 for a permit so they can park outside their homes. A double-decker had to mount the kerb just to get by the other day.”

Deputy director of human resources at the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, Jennie Shore, said: “The overwhelming majority of our staff park on the hospital site itself, or use other means of transport to get into work. We encourage them to use these options wherever possible.

“We cannot determine where staff park outside the hospital, but we would hope they treat our neighbours with consideration, and in the past we have asked them to be sensitive to the needs of local residents who live around the hospital. Staff will again be reminded to park considerately, and informed some of our neighbours have been upset by their actions.”

Some residents believe extending the current Controlled Parking Zone in Chichester, where only residents would be able to park outside their homes, could be the answer.

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said: “We are already aware of the concerns of residents in this, and surrounding roads, and are in the final stages of drafting proposals for a Controlled Parking Zone extension in this area. We hope a consultation on these proposals will take place later in the summer. If supported there would be a further ‘formal consultation’ at the turn of the year. If approved we could see implementation in about spring 2013.”