Chichester Rotary Clubs raise money for Japanese earthquake appeal

Collectors for the Japanese earthquake appeal outside Waitrose
Collectors for the Japanese earthquake appeal outside Waitrose

An emotional appeal from a group of Japanese students volunteering with Chichester Rotary Clubs has raised thousands of pounds towards tackling their nation’s natural disasters.

With latest figures revealing at least 20,000 people dead from the devastating tsunami and earthquake, aid agencies around the world have responded swiftly.

Working with the city’s three Rotary clubs, the Chichester College students made several collections at the Old Cross, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

So far their total stands at more than £8,500 towards helping survivors of the disasters. Student volunteer Setsu Roppoivgi said: “My family live near Tokyo and there is a lot of damage, our roof has collapsed and our belongings smashed during the tremors, but they are safe.”

He described the difficulty he had reaching his family as phone lines were constantly busy and the distress this caused being so far away from home.

Japanese teenager Anna Inoue, who is studying at Chichester College, said: “People have been very kind. I have family out in Japan near Tokyo. They are all alright.”

Richard Bottomley believed the organisation had worked well in teams to raise funds and welcomed residents’ generosity.

He said: “This appeal has had a good response from people in Chichester. We are very grateful to the local people for their enormous response.”