Chichester’s BID boss makes another home bid

THE CHAIRMAN of the city centre partnership has made another attempt to build a house in Chichester.

On Wednesday (May 28), Chichester District Council’s planning committee will consider Andrew Finnamore’s application to once again try to build a single-storey, three-bedroom house on a former garden plot next to 118 St Pancras.

The scheme has come before the committee after being ‘red carded’ by Chichester east councillor Michael Woolley.

The reason cited is that the application has an ‘exceptional level of public interest’.

Mr Finnamore has previously made a number of attempts to build on that site, with each attempt being refused by the council or a planning inspector.

In this case, the council’s historic buildings adviser said: “Unfortunately, this scheme has done little to assuage concerns regarding setting which have been raised in a number of instances previously,” adding: “These concerns have formed the crux of a number of historic environment objections and subsequent planning refusals, including an appeal and remain problematic.”

The proposed home is within the Chichester conservation area and is next to a number of listed buildings: 111-118 St Pancras and the former Malt House, known as Drayman’s Mews.

The council has received 78 letters of objection to the application, and 31 letters of support.

According to the council, the supporters say the development is characteristic of Chichester, makes use of a redundant space and would contribute towards the regeneration of 
the site.

The council has nevertheless recommended the committee refuse the application.