Chichester’s Holly rides high in surf competition

Holly Bassett, 13, is a surfing champion
Holly Bassett, 13, is a surfing champion

LOCAL girl Holly Bassett has been named BSUPA Paddlesurf’s under-16 junior national champion.

Thirteen-year-old Holly, a student at Chichester High School for girls, travelled to Watergate Bay in Cornwall to compete for the BSUPA National Championships over the weekend of October 14 and 15.

She embraced the opportunity to take part and was placed first in two rounds in the junior girls section.

In the competition in which 50 competitors took part, groups were formed of four or five competitors so each participant could have their time to show judges what they could really do.

Scores were awarded judged on the highest-scoring wave.

The perfect water conditions meant there were even better opportunities for the participants.

Holly’s dad Simon Bassett said: “Holly did well as the surf on occasions looked pretty big from the beach.”

Holly doesn’t show any sign of stopping and fingers are crossed for her to go as far as she can in the sport.