Chichester’s Olympic marathon effort

A Chichester-based fresh-food manufacturer and 20-year-old from Chichester have been preparing for one of the biggest catering operations in the world.

As the UK supplier of McDonald’s lettuce, Nature’s Way Foods is ensuring there is enough fresh, quality Iceberg and Batavia lettuce for the four McDonald’s restaurants in the Olympic Park.

And Danny Walker from Chichester has been selected as one of 2,000 workers providing food for McDonalds at the Games.

Danny said: “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be working at the London Olympics. This is a once-in -a-lifetime opportunity.”

The team was picked after intensive testing of their speed, customer service and team skills which are essential for the busy restaurant, but will be rewarded for their hard work with the chance to attend an Olympic or Paralympic event of their choice.

Murat Ocalan, the manager of the Olympic Park’s flagship MacDonald’s store, visited Richard Parr, the chief operating officer of Nature’s Way Foods, at Park Farm in Chichester to check the lettuce harvest.

Mr Ocalan said: “It’s so exciting I’m managing the busiest McDonald’s restaurant in the world.

“It’s a nerve-racking time for us all as we serve thousands of spectators, athletes and team officials at the Games this summer.”

In 2011, McDonald’s used 15 million heads of lettuce. During the Games, about 60,000 lettuce heads will be used.

The four restaurants in the park are expected to serve an estimated 1.75 million meals in 29 days to park visitors.