Chichester street in top 50 slowest broadband speeds


A STREET in Lavant, Chichester has ranked in the 50 slowest broadband speeds in Britain.

Northside, near St Nicholas Rd, ranked as number 33 on the list, with an average speed of 1.59Mbps.

Britain’s two slowest streets for broadband in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex and Conwy, Wales, have average speeds of 0.60Mbps – 96 times slower than the fastest street and 30 times slower than the UK average speed.

The figures were collected by uSwitch, an independent price comparison and switching service.

The findings show it isn’t just rural areas with slow broadband. A street in Hampstead, London, also appears on the list.

According to the research, which is based on almost two million speed tests run by broadband users over a six-month period, only 15 per cent of Brits are enjoying broadband of 30Mbps or higher – the speed classified by the EU as ‘superfast’.

Residents of Loundes Road in Unstone, Dronfield, Derbyshire are enjoying the fastest download speeds in the country of 57.58Mbps.