Chichester student and cancer survivor Adam is special guest at Downing Street

Adam Brombley with celebrities Rochelle Humes, Sara Cox and Donna Air
Adam Brombley with celebrities Rochelle Humes, Sara Cox and Donna Air

CHICHESTER High School for Boys student Adam Brombley was the guest of honour at a special reception at Number 10 Downing Street.

CHICHESTER High School for Boys student Adam Brombley was the guest of honour at a special reception at Number 10 Downing Street.

The 15-year-old rubbed shoulders with Samantha Cameron and celebrities including singer Peter Andre, radio host Sara Cox and TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp.

He was one of 20 youngsters who have all battled cancer and had their bravery recognised.

Adam, from Emsworth, said: “It was an indescribable experience. It was so surreal being at 10 Downing Street. Peter Andre was probably the nicest celebrity I have met.”

Adam was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in August 2013 after doctors found a large tumour growing in his chest and into the right atrium of his heart. He faced many trips to hospital and gruelling chemotherapy over the next ten months.

He finished treatment last summer and recently learned his cancer was in remission.

The event launched Cancer Research UK’s new fundraising campaign, Kids & Teens, which will raise much needed funds for research.

To support Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens text KIDS3 to 70200 to donate £37 or for more information about the campaign visit

Julie Brombley

ADAM’S mum, Julie, said: “Adam endured months of treatment with unbelievable strength and resilience. I couldn’t be prouder of him so I’m delighted that his courage has been honoured with such a fantastic day, especially when he has missed out on so much.

“Going to 10 Downing Street was an unforgettable experience for so many reasons, but most importantly because through supporting Cancer Research UK we can help to spare other children and families from this devastating disease in future.

“Success stories like Adam’s would not be possible without the charity’s life-saving work, which in turn relies on everyone who raises funds, so we hope people will really get behind this crucial campaign.”

Cancer Research

ADAM joined 20 youngsters from across the UK who visited Number 10 to have their bravery recognised and help raise awareness of the urgent need to boost funds for research.

While figures show progress in treating the disease has led to an unprecedented drop in deaths among youngsters aged 24 and under, from around 1,300 deaths each year in the mid-1970s to around 550 today, the disease remains the biggest killer of youngsters in the UK.

Cancer Research UK has launched the new ongoing mission to raise more money for research into kinder treatments and cures for children, teens and young adults with cancer.

The charity is calling on people across Hampshire and West Sussex to donate to beat childhood cancers sooner and help save more lives like Adam’s.

Every year, around 1,600 children aged 14 and under are diagnosed with cancer in the UK - around 230 of them in the South East. A further 2,200 15-24 year olds who are also diagnosed with cancer in the UK annually.

Helen Johnstone, Cancer Research UK spokesperson for the South East, said: “It’s hugely encouraging to see deaths for children’s cancers falling steadily. But we must make faster progress to save more lives, so we’re extremely grateful for the support of the Brombley family and Samantha Cameron in helping to highlight the power of research in beating the disease.

“Sadly, not every youngster survives but we continue to fight for every child and every family and hope to double the amount we spend on children’s and young people’s cancers in the next five-ten years. By boosting funding now, the best research teams could offer new hope by developing kinder and better treatments and cures, so we’re urging people to back Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens.

“Cancer Research UK is the largest funder of research into children’s cancers in the UK and with the support of the public we can fund more world-class research to give more youngsters the chance to grow up and realise their potential.”

Cancer has a devastating impact on youngsters. Children, teens and young adults can endure months of painful treatment, as well as the upset of being away from home and friends. Also, some unfortunately face living with long term side effects from their treatment, such as infertility and disability, which have an impact throughout their adult lives.

Celebrity backing

CELEBRITIES who joined Adam for the Downing Street reception included Peter Andre and his fiancée Emily MacDonagh, The Saturdays’ Rochelle Humes, as well as presenters Kirstie Allsopp, Charlotte Hawkins, Donna Air and Sara Cox.

Kirstie Allsopp said: “Having my children has been the biggest blessing and I cherish the time we have together. And sadly, I know all too well the devastating effect that cancer can have on families. That’s why I’m supporting the launch of Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens.

“I can’t imagine what it must be like to receive the devastating news that your child has cancer. No parent should have to hear that and no child should have to face it. All the money raised through this important campaign will fund ground-breaking research to beat children’s and teens’ cancer.”