Chichester toilets ‘a disgrace’

DISABLED toilet facilities in Chichester have again been branded ‘disgraceful’ by an upset Bosham resident.

Shirley Brydges visited Chichester’s shops for the first time since spending over three years in and out of hospital.

But when Miss Brydges went to use the disabled toilet facilities in Little London car park with her carer, she found she was not able to get in.

“It is absolutely disgraceful,” she said.

“What is the point of these facilities if no-one can use them? I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even sent a letter to inform me that the locks no longer needed RADAR keys. Why can’t they brief people?”

Miss Brydges said there was no attendant when she visited the toilets on a Wednesday afternoon at approximately 3pm.

The story follows from last week, when Joan Knott, from Selsey couldn’t access the same disabled facilities.

There is a traffic light system above the doors which indicates if the cubicles are occupied.

A spokesman from Chichester District Council said: “These toilets are not locked during the day and are open until 6pm each evening. From 9am to 6pm they are monitored by an attendant who keeps the conveniences clean and regularly receives compliments about the facilities. Two years ago the RADAR lock was removed from the following discussion with the Chichester Action Group.”