Chichester traders seek parking sign

Traders want another sign like this. C111297-4
Traders want another sign like this. C111297-4

A group of traders in Chichester say they have been waiting a year for a sign to be installed so parking regulations can be enforced outside their shops.

Business-owners in The Hornet have now said ‘enough is enough’ and have called for action over the crazy situation which is costing them customers each day.

Last autumn shops in the far eastern end of The Hornet asked for a sign to be installed near a series of car-parking bays to remind people of the one-hour waiting regulation.

The one-hour limit is currently not enforceable because of issues involving the spacing of signs.

This has resulted in commuters parking in the bays all day because they know parking wardens are not going up that far, preventing genuine customers from being able to pick up and drop off goods.

Owner of LA Fish, Adam Papadamou, said it was frustrating.

“We have been waiting a year for this sign, it’s just one sign and it’s completely unacceptable,” he said.

“We have been told we are top of their list, but for how long?”

The traders say problems increased once parking was decriminalised and handed over from Sussex Police control, to Chichester District Council.

Owner of SIA Computers, Siavash Massoumian, situated just a few doors down from LA Fish, said: “The problem for me is people dropping off laptops and picking up stuff.

“They just need five or ten minutes and it is dangerous to park across the road.

“People can’t drop things off and we are losing business.”

The owner of Light and Shade interiors said he chose the location in 2000 because of the short stay parking and said it had been a major part of his business plan.

“We sell very expensive, very fragile light shades and you are not going to walk all the way down to the Cattle Market car park.

“We have people talk to us about this every day, things like ‘I tried to come here the other day but there was nowhere to park’.”

West Sussex County Council, which has responsibility for installing the sign said: “There has been an unfortunate delay for which we apologise, but the works have been ordered and will be implemented by our contractor as soon as possible.

“The sign will be located in full accordance with Department for Transport guidelines.”

It did not have a date for the installation.

Chichester District Council said enforcement could only take place if signs strictly complied with regulations. Enforcement would resume once the sign was installed.