Chichester windows light up for Advent

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HOUSEHOLDS in the Whyke area in Chichester have been lighting up their neighbourhood with special Christmas window decorations.

The Advent Window 
Project showcases the work 
of 24 ‘Adventers’, who decorate a window to be enjoyed by other local people.

Designs include local landmarks such as the cathedral, as well as nativity scenes, Father Christmas, reindeer pulling a sleigh, and the three Kings.

The project was pioneered by Marilyn Campbell, who lives in the area.

Marilyn, of Whyke Lane, said: “Last year, I inaugurated an Advent window project in my neighbourhood and 13 households took part, decorating an upstairs window and lighting it up each evening from an allocated December date.

“This year, I used a mailshot to extend the area and number of participants and we now have the full set 
of 24 participants so a new window will appear every night until all are lit up on Christmas Eve.

“It is our wish that not 
only can local people enjoy seeing each of them ‘unveiled’, but that visitors 
to our area could enjoy walking around to find and enjoy our windows.

“In my original home town of Hull, this project has been going on in an area known as ‘the Avenues’ since 2000 and many people enjoy walking around with their families to find and enjoy the efforts of all who’ve participated.

“It’s become part of their pre-Christmas celebrations, and so I wanted to try it here.

“It would be great if 
other neighbourhoods in the city had a go.”