Chichester woman survives avalanche in Austria

A skier from Chichester who was pronounced clinically dead after being buried in the snow following an avalanche miraculously survived.

Rhianna Shaw, 23, was buried for 15 minutes following the accident on on Thursday, February 16 after she and some friends went off piste near St Anton in Austria.

She described her ordeal as ‘absolutely terrifying’ as she screamed for help.

There is only a six per cent chance of resuscitation after being buried for more than eight minutes.

Her friends managed to retrace their steps using ski poles to check for her body beneath the snow.

After finding the back of her leg she was dug out but had no pulse and was not breathing and was clinically dead.

She was given CPR by a friend which brought her back.

Rhianna was then put on a drip and taken to hospital by helicopter.