Chichester WRAP fashion show looking for volunteers

AUDITIONS are being held tomorrow for a fashion show for WRAP, the Whyke, Rumboldswhyke and Portfield areas of Chichester.

The show will take place in St George’s Church in January 2014.

Young people aged 13 and above are being given the chance to work together on all aspects of the show.

Organisers said they would learn new skills and gain confidence in the process of preparing.

The show is being produced by the Rev Rebekah Canon, assistant curate at St George’s Church, in Cleveland Road, a former professional theatre director who has already run two successful community pantomimes in the area.

“City businesses are invited to get involved either through sponsorship of this event or to have your collection showcased,” she said.

“The ethos of the show is on empowering the young people involved to engage in the community in a positive way.

“We are looking for youngsters of all capabilities to get involved.

“You do not have to be a standard ‘classic’ model type to be involved; we want this show to promote positive body images, regardless of your size.

“Auditions are taking place on Sunday, October 6, between 2pm and 4pm at St George’s Church, Whyke.

“In the auditions, we will be looking for people who have lots of energy, creative ideas and can demonstrate the ability to work alongside others.

“Imagination is important because the show will be devised collaboratively by all involved.”

Go to to pre-register for an audition or to contact the organisers.