Chidham celebrates the day of the apple

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AN INAUGURAL celebration of all things apple was held in Chidham.

The yearly apple day, which began in the UK in 1990 to raise awareness of disappearing orchards, was marked for the first time by the village this year.

The core to the day’s success was the number of volunteers, with around 70 residents turning out to collect a ton of apples from gardens, before gathering at Maybush Copse to wash, chop and press the fruit to make apple juice and cider.

Villagers said they were especially keen to mark the day, as they were currently opposing proposals by a developer to build homes on the Maybush Orchard, in Cot Lane.

A public exhibition about the proposed development was held this summer.

The celebration of Apple Day took place on Saturday, October 19, to raise awareness of the disappearing orchards and also celebrate the cultural heritage of apples in the UK.

Lunch of roast pork sandwiches and apple sauce was provided by the Friends of Maybush Copse, along with freshly-pressed apple juice.

After five hours of work, 30 gallons of cider went to new temporary homes under a foster-a-keg scheme, where villagers will look after it until it matures.