Children meet real-life Roman soldier

Soldier at Novium museum
Soldier at Novium museum

CHILDREN were given the opportunity to meet a Roman soldier during an arts and crafts event today.

Parents were treated to tea, coffee, and biscuits while children were entertained by games and activities at the Novium Museum.

John Brinded, known as ‘Brinni’ to the Romans. travels around museums and schools in Chichester teaching people about history.

Today he wore his full soldier attire to the museum and brought along artefacts to show the children.

“I enjoy making history interesting for children and the general public and bringing history alive,” said John.

“I also want to dispel some of the myths about Roman soldiers which people get from TV and film such as the programme Spartacus.”

He said one such example was the tendency for soldiers to wear skirts and sandals. Instead he wore trousers and leather boots.

James Cameron, the business development officer at the museum who set up the event, said the arts and crafts event has been a regular event at the museum but the real-life soldier was a new and well-received element.

“It’s been brilliant, even more successful than I expected.

“We will definitely ask him and his wife back so we can have a Roman soldier and Roman lady.”

The event takes place every Saturday.