Chocolate inspired storytelling from candy-fuelled imaginations

Reading club
Reading club

CHILDREN have been creating some chocolate inspired tales with the help of coco-fuelled imagination.

Around 30 youngsters explored the art of storytelling at a Story Factory club, at Friends Meeting House, in Priory Road, last Thursday.

The six to 11-year-old children enjoyed a day of animated story telling, centred around chocolate.

They met and heard inspirational talks from local experts in chocolate making, writing, illustrating and music making, before producing their own creations.

Vicky Edwards, who runs the club, said: “Some prefer to write, others prefer to draw pictures and some prefer music.

“No matter what they prefer, we just make sure they use their imaginations.

“The standard of work was incredible - the ideas that the children came up with were fabulous; from the Easter Bunny being sentenced to community service for stealing Easter eggs to the discovery that the moon is made of chocolate.”

Talks were given by Gary Shipton, Editor-in-Chief of the Observer Series, and award-winning children’s author Becky Edwards.

They also heard a flavour filled presentation by chocolatier Dawn Shrives, from Le Salon du Chocolat.

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