Christmas and new year bin collection information


THE following information on Christmas and new year rubbish and recycling collection dates has been provided by Chichester District Council.

For more information on council services visit or call the councils directly.

We have listed the normal collection days first, and matched each up with the changed date of collection for Christmas and new year week.

Normal Collection day

Monday: Christmas week: Monday, December 22. New year’s week: Tuesday, December 30. Post new year week: Tuesday, January 6. (Return to normal Monday, January 12).

Tuesday: Christmas week: Tuesday, December 23. New year’s week: Wednesday, December 31. Post new year week: Wednesday, January 7. (Return to normal Tuesday, January 13).

Wednesday: Christmas week: Wednesday, December 24. New year’s week: Friday, January 2. Post new year week: Thursday, January 8. (Return to normal Wednesday, January 14).

Thursday: Christmas week: Saturday, December 27. New year week: Saturday, January 3. Post new year week: Friday, January 9. (Return to normal Thursday, January 15).

Friday: Christmas week: Monday, December 29. New year week: Monday, January 5. Post new year week: Saturday, January 10. (Return to normal Friday, January 16).