Coastguard praised for rescuing dog

A CHICHESTER woman has praised the efforts of the Coastguard for saving her dog after he became stranded in waters off West Wittering beach.

Carrie Hayler’s dog Willy was stuck on a sand island off the beach after chasing his rugby ball which had accidentally gone into the water.

The strong tides made it difficult to swim back, and the island he was on began to disappear while he was happily playing with his ball, and ignoring his owner’s calls.

He was there for over an hour before the Coastguard came to his rescue just as the sand beneath his feet was washed away.

Mrs Hayler, of Garland Close, left her daughter to watch over him while she went for help to the West Wittering Estate office, who in turn contacted the Coastguard.

He said: “I just want to thank them so much for everything they did. He is at home by the fire now tucked up in his bed. He has got this rugby ball which unfortunately went into the water. He went out after it, and could not get it in his mouth to bring back.

“He was quite happy on this sand bar playing with his ball, he just kept going further and further out.They were absolutely fantastic, they were just so good, and it wasn’t too much trouble.”