Codes of conduct for Chichester district beach users

KITESURFERS, dog owners and swimmers were keeping foreshore officers busy in 2012.

Members of Chichester District Council’s cabinet is set to receive an end of season report on foreshore management.

In total, officers had to give advice on dog byelaws 520 times from March to September – up four per cent on the previous years.

They had to give safety information 321 times – a decrease of 23 per cent on the previous year – and ‘other’ advice 114 times.

Officers advised people not to jump off groynes 44 times, gave kitesurfing advice 14 times, saw the safety boat launched 28 times, took part in nine rescues/assists, administered first aid 20 times, helped with lost children four times, replaced four throwlines and assisted injured wildlife twice.

Members will also be asked to approve new codes of conduct for the foreshore.

There are four different codes of conduct – a general code, one for horseriders, one for kitesurfing and one for fossil collectors.

The horseriders’ code says no ore than three horses should be ridden on the beach together at any one time and galloping, racing, jumping breakwaters or schooling is forbidden.

The kitesurfing code says kites should not be launched or landed at high tide or for two hours either side.