Comme Ca restaurant hosts bid farewell

Comme Ca's Michel Navet pictured with his wife Jane and staff   Picture by Louise Adams C131226-1
Comme Ca's Michel Navet pictured with his wife Jane and staff Picture by Louise Adams C131226-1

A HUSBAND and wife are bidding farewell to their restaurant and all their sophisticated customers.

Jane and Michel Navet are leaving Comme Ca, in Broyle Road, after running a restaurant in Chichester for 27 years.

“It’s been a wonderful city for us and the people are very sophisticated,” said Michel.

“There have been so many people in over the years – it’s been wonderful.”

The couple made the decision after Michel was diagnosed with cancer and although his health is improving they felt it best to close their business with effect from October 14, 2013.

“I think it’s the right decision now,” said Jane. “I think with Michel being ill it’s changed everything. I think it’s the right time.”

The couple first opened a restaurant in St Pancras, before moving to Broyle Road – within a stone’s throw of the theatre.

“It was very interesting in those days because you felt you were very involved with what was going on at the theatre. It’s been a very important part of our business,” said Jane.

With diners including Peter Ustinov, Alec Guinness, Tom Conti, Derek Jacobi and Patrick Garland, the French cuisine restaurant has welcomed the great and the good of the acting world throughout the years.

“On the whole it’s been a very good business,” said Jane.

“We’ve been very pleased that we started in Chichester.”

In a letter to staff and customers, the couple said: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who have been dining with us during the last 27 years, for their undivided loyalty and support to the restaurant.

“Comme Ca would not have been as successful without our hardworking and devoted staff, particularly Anthony, who, amongst others, has been with us for many years.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to our present and past employees as well as you, our customers, who have made our business in Chichester such a great success over the last three decades.”

They wished their successors at the restaurant all the best for the future.