Communities commemorating first world war in Chichester

COMMEMORATING those who lost their lives in the first world war has seen more than £1,000 donated to communities.

West Sussex County Council’s county local committee for Chichester allocated £1,500 towards the cost of correcting and adding names 
to the Westbourne war memorial.

The application was made by the Westbourne Local History Group.

Leader of West Sussex County Council Louise Goldsmith said it was a ‘recognition of the people that lost their lives’.

Bourne county councillor Sandra James said: “We’re obviously in the year of commemorating this 100-year event.

“It’s absolutely right as a community that we recognise people that have given their lives so that we’re here and doing what we’re doing today.”

Additionally, the CLC agreed to allocate a £155 grant from the community initiative fund to the Oving Scarecrows event.

This year, the event intends to purchase poppy seeds and sow them around the village as a community to commemorate the war.

It hopes to create a ‘sea of red’ in Oving during the summer.

Villagers will be scattering the seeds on Saturday, with people meeting at the village hall at 10.30am.

Email or telephone 01243 771186 if you are planning to attend at the weekend.