Community gathering to be held in Midhurst to remember accident victim


A COMMUNITY service is being held in Midhurst on Wednesday evening (July 16) to remember Josie Incisivo, the 79 year old woman killed in the horrific accident a week ago.

The gathering will be held in the parish church of St Mary Magdelene and St Denys on Church Hill at 6pm and all townspeople are welcome to attend.

It will be led by the vicar of Midhurst the Rev Dave Willis, the Rev Jeanette Richardson – co-superintendent and minister of Midhurst Methodist Church and members of the Roman Catholic community in the town.

Mr Willis who opened the parish church in the wake of the horror last Wednesday, said the evening was being organised in answer to a call by many members of the community.

“The town has been shocked by this tragedy. Those who tried to help, those who were witnesses and those who were in the town at the time - there have been many people affected and this gathering is intended to pay our respects, support everyone and let the town grieve.

“It is also the town’s way of showing its support for Josie’s family many of whom live in America and Italy and cannot be with us,” said Mr Willis

Raffaele Prisco, Josie’s nephew told the Observer today (Monday July 14) “We greatly appreciate the showing of kindness and support by the town residents. It is very touching - especially for my mother in America, and aunts and uncles in Italy - to know that my aunt did not go unnoticed, and that people care.

“My wife and I find it wonderful that so many people have shown great kindness for her, and our family. We all greatly appreciate this.

“My aunt was the absolute embodiment of fierce independence, and she loved her life in the UK. She spent a life caring for people -she was a nurse - and kept those attributes. She was an absolutely wonderful woman, who will be greatly missed.

It is very touching to know that an entire community has reached out, and confirmed those same feelings.”

A large candle will be central to the gathering in Midhurst on Wednesday evening. “We would like townspeople to light their own candles from it and create a sea of brightness to give us hope and lift us out of this darkness,” said Mr Willis.