Community offers help after Selsey homes fire

Selsey residents rallied to offer help to families who lost their homes and possessions in a fire yesterday.

Mum-of-three Louise Latchford posted on Facebook soon after the disaster asking if there was a way to help and recieved a stream of offers from other locals.

GRANARY LANE FIRE SELSEY. 05-02-18 Photo by Eddie Mitchell

GRANARY LANE FIRE SELSEY. 05-02-18 Photo by Eddie Mitchell

She said she’d since heard the two families were getting what they needed from their insurance companies but they had been grateful for the support.

She said: “I knew people would definitely help out but they’re being helped by their insurances.

“That’s what Selsey’s like, that’s what our community’s like round here.

“I know that if things are needed we’ll be able to get something done.

“Businesses were offering to be a drop-off point, so it could have easily got organised if they needed emergency supplies.

“I didn’t want to go too far without their permission or we would have ended up with all this second-hand stuff.”

The fire yesterday morning engulfed the rear conservatory, the first floor and the roof of the semi-detatched property in Granary Lane.

A video of the fire shows black smoke and flames at the property as well as salvage efforts by fire crews in the aftermath.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has confirmed the fire started accidentally as a result of an electrical fault.