Community project piloted in Selsey North

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SELSEY North has become the focus of a pilot project aiming to support communities.

Chichester councillors agreed to co-ordinate targeted support lead by the local strategic partnership (LSP) to identify key issues faced by Selsey residents, how local services could be improved and if extra support is needed.

Councillors have heard several updates on the project, including at an overview and scrutiny committee meeting held in September.

A number of interviews, conducted as part of the pilot, identified key issues faced by Selsey residents, including employment, education, housing and roads.

Chichester District Council has talked to several councillors, businesses and other partner agencies to find out their experiences.

More than 150 residents were interviewed and the committee watched a recording of some of the interviews.

“I don’t think there is enough information out there for youngsters to find out if they can find new employers. It’s quite difficult to find job opportunities,” said one Selsey resident.

“It is a very rural community, the colleges and schools need to be looked at because we cannot take any more without the infrastructure suffering,” said another resident.

“I think there is more emphasis on academic work in London. Here it is a bit more practical and almost a lot more life skills,” said another interviewee.

A Chichester District Council spokesperson said: “We’ve now got to the stage where we are finalising the analysis of the interviews. From this we will clarify and prioritise the issues and look at working with partners such as the local NHS or West Sussex County Council to move some suggestions forward.”

At October’s cabinet meeting, councillors approved the recommendations made by the committee regarding the Selsey North pilot.