Concerns flood in over proposals for 25 homes in Fishbourne

PROPOSALS to build 25 homes in Fishbourne have sparked further concern over flooding..

In a consultation held last week, developer Edward Van der Wee showed plans to build 25 homes on a site between the northern end of Mosse Gardens and Clay Lane.

The proposals include a mixture of one to three bedroom homes, with ten allocated for affordable housing.

Planners assured residents that foul water would be treated on-site and rainwater would be collected in sustainable drainage systems (SUDS).

Michael Stephenson from Fishbourne and Parklands Flood Prevention Action Group, said: “As a new development I think it is the less of the evils. It is less intrusive into the village. It has the minimal impact on the strategic gap between Fishbourne and Chichester.

“The main objections are on storm water drainage and fowl water drainage. Providing the developers are prepared to meet the needs especially of storm water drainage then there shouldn’t be many problems.”

Developers also propose to extend the 30 miles per hour speed limit eastwards of Clay Lane.

Geoff Hand, chairman of Fishbourne Parish Council, said: “Our concerns are that Clay Lane is already a very busy and dangerous road and is used as a rat race to avoid Fishbourne roundabout and that’s going to increase the volumne of traffic at peak times.

“The other question we have is about the flooding and the drains and actually where does the water go and will we have in place the piping to cope with all the extra water. In view of the recent flooding, the village as a whole is a bit alarmed about that.

“I think it is just possibly a nice design in the wrong place. I do think we have had in the past people who have underestimated local knowledge about flooding.”

One angry resident said the proposals and on-going developments were ‘ruining Fishbourne’.