CONTRIBUTION TO THE ARTS: Madhurst group is nominated

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This year Midhurst will enjoy the second Madhurst festival, celebrating music, arts and drama from across the community.

The week-long festival was launched in 2010 thanks to countless volunteers including core organisers Father Marcus Ronchetti and Ruth Benton, of the Wheatsheaf pub in Midhurst.

For their efforts, the whole team has been nominated in the Contribution to Arts in the Community category of the Observer Community Awards.

The festival was established to celebrate the town, its beauty and all its creativity as well as promote community development.

A range of organisations, groups and businesses across the area are involved in the event, with the organisers’ motto ‘by the community for the community’.

Last year’s festival was very successful in bringing people of all ages and interests together, with events including a Mad Hatter’s tea party, pianos in public areas for impromptu performances and a carnival procession.

Countless hours have gone into making the event a success and it has involved people across the area pulling together to get it off the ground, which is the reason why it has been highlighted for recognition in the Observer Community Awards.