Council cracks down on tax dodgers

A TOTAL of 491 defendants were taken to court by Chichester District Council over tax dodging last week.

It was found that 373 people had failed to pay their council tax, and 226 of them were given liability orders – meaning they will have to pay.

For business rates, 79 people had not paid, so 66 were given orders. There were 39 people who did not pay the Business Improvement District levy and 25 liability orders were given.

The remaining orders were withdrawn or had been paid.

“It’s really important that people pay their council tax,” said a council spokeswoman. “From your child’s education, to emptying your bins, to keeping your streets safe - the money helps to pay for hundreds of services delivered by West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council, Parish Councils, the Fire Service and the Police.

“Unfortunately, a small number of people do not pay their bills and so we have to take the necessary steps to recover the money to make sure that vital services can continue to be provided.”