Council hears of growing A27 juggernaut issue

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HEAVYWEIGHT juggernauts are a growing hazard at Chichester’s A27 roundabouts, the district council was warned.

Cllr John Ridd, who represents Donnington, said some years ago there was concern about heavy-duty goods vehicles using the Bognor Road roundabout to get to Vinnetrow Road.

Nature’s Way built a new connecting road for heavy goods going on to the A259.

This eased pressure of usage, but huge slow-moving articulated vehicles could now be seen trying to pull out of Vinnetrow Road on to the roundabout.

“Sooner or later there will be a serious accident – I have seen a number of these vehicles in recent months.

“Today there was almost a serious accident when a tractor pulling a trailer with huge pipes on it pulled out in front of traffic.”

A more and more serious situation was developing with heavy goods vehicles at some of the exits on to the A27.

He also wanted to raise it on behalf of his own parish as far as the Stockbridge roundabout was concerned.

Environment director Steve Carvell said he would liaise with the highway authority to obtain a view from them whether they considered there was a highway danger, and report back.