Council magazine cut to thrice-yearly

A QUARTERLY magazine published by Chichester District Council will be reduced to three publications per year.

Initiatives, the free magazine which is delivered to all homes in the district, will now be published in April, June or July and November.

The move comes after one of the magazine’s writers left and was not replaced. It will also help the council to reduce costs and make savings.

Sarah Parker, public relations manager at CDC, told cabinet on Tuesday the magazine had ‘very positive’ feedback from its readers.

Cllr Carol Purnell said it was ‘eminently sensible’ to cut back to just three editions per year.

“There are a lot of residents that do read it and look forward to it,” she said.

Cllr John Connor said: “It’s definitely a good idea to reduce the amount of publications.”

Cabinet approved the recommendation and it will come into effect from April 1, 2014.