Countryside Properties to be appointed as Tangmere development partner

Countryside Properties is set to be appointed as the council's development partner as it looks to step in to help deliver at least 1,000 Tangmere homes.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 4:14 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:15 pm
Countryside Properties is set to be appointed as the council's development partner to help deliver at least 1,000 Tangmere homes

The strategic site west of the village was allocated in Chichester District Council’s local plan but since then the housing scheme has stalled and a compulsory purchase order (CPO) of the land is being progressed.

Earlier this year it was agreed to select a development partner before the council makes a CPO in order to minimise its exposure to financial risks.

The council is anticipating the chosen developer would prepare a masterplan, in consultation with the parish council and residents, and submit a planning application for the whole site, but also underwrite the costs of the CPO.

Cabinet members will be asked to select Countryside Properties as the development partner when they meet next month (Tuesday September 4).

According to the officers’ report: “The selection process for the development partner was therefore on the basis of the understanding of the council’s requirements, ability to work in partnership, strength of their delivery team and their financial offer. The selection of a development partner is not based on a scheme, but a partner who the council believes can best deliver the comprehensive development of the Tangmere SDL [Strategic Development Location], in accordance with the local plan and neighbourhood plan policies.

“Countryside Properties scored the highest in the selection process and accordingly, is, in the opinion of officers and those external professionals who assisted in the selection process, the preferred development partner for the council to progress the development of the Tangmere SDL.”

They added: “Although there are willing landowners who wish to develop the site at Tangmere SDL, the development partner will need to assess how the land required to progress the Tangmere SDL can be assembled by a process of negotiated acquisition. As advised in previous reports, if this cannot be achieved in an affordable and timely manner, the council is prepared to use its Compulsory Purchase Powers to facilitate the land assembly process.”