COUNTY NEWS: Sussex woman says ‘I do’ on TV’s ‘Undateables’

Jessica Morrod, from West Worthing, appeared on The Undateables and found love, thanks to her 16 inch shoulders SUS-150601-141216001
Jessica Morrod, from West Worthing, appeared on The Undateables and found love, thanks to her 16 inch shoulders SUS-150601-141216001

A SUSSEX woman who found love on TV dating show ‘The Undateables’ was the buzz of social media last night when her partner popped the question on the show.

Jessica Morrod, 36, from Worthing, will marry 32-year-old life model Matthew, after he proposed in front of the cameras outside the Tate Modern, in London.

The couple first met on the Channel Four show in 2014 – but viewers caught up with the couple last night as they celebrated their first year together.

The show also followed the progress of Brighton-based Daniel, who took his date, Amber, for a spot of minigolf in Worthing.

Business coach Jessica said: “It feels great. You kind of know when it works and there has been a lot that has happened in the last year.

“He has moved to Worthing, which was quite a big change for him. We’ve been building up our businesses and getting to know each other better. We’ve spent a lot of time together and it just felt right.”

Matthew had initially appeared on the show as he struggled with a stammer.

His date with Jessica, which aired last January, was a TV hit due to his dream of finding a woman with 16.5-inch shoulders.

Grabbing a tape measure during the encounter, he was overjoyed to find Jessica’s shoulders fitted the bill.

Since starting their relationship, Jessica has helped Matthew with his stammer and it is now almost eradicated.

And despite the pressure of the cameras, Matthew made the proposal look easy.

Jessica said: “He started saying how he felt and that he wanted to marry me and I guess by the surprised look on my face I had convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen.”

“When I realised what he was doing I wanted to make sure he could say what he wanted to say. His stammer doesn’t really come up much now, unless he is anxious but I wanted to make sure he had time to speak. Then I realised that actually I hadn’t told him ‘yes’.”

The couple have yet to fix a date for the wedding, as the October proposal was a closely-guarded secret until the episode aired.

“We haven’t been able to approach venues as we are very recognisable. If we go out together there isn’t a day when we don’t get spotted. We get people taking selfies and even had a tube driver stop his train to take one,” she said.

Those who missed the show can watch it on demand by clicking here.

The show catches up with other participants who have also found love.

While the show has been criticsed by some, Jessica has nothing but praise for the crew.

She said: “I can’t praise everyone enough. They are so positive. Yes they want to highlight the struggles and bring awareness but they really want everyone to find love. We are not the only ones – there are a lot more.”