‘Cramped’ Southbourne development plans will go to appeal

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PROPOSALS for a ‘garden-grabbing’ development in Southbourne are set to go to appeal.

Chichester District Council planning committee threw out plans to build three, three-storey homes on land behind an existing house in Stein Road, Southbourne.

The planning committee refused the plans on the basis of the ‘scale, intensity and proximity’ to the side boundaries of the site.

Councillors said the development was ‘cramped’ and would be ‘out of 
keeping with the character of the area’.

It was also refused because of its proximity to the Southbourne railway crossing – which would be ‘detrimental to the safety and function’ of the highway network.

The original plans were met with concern from neighbouring residents, who said its position next to the level crossing was ‘inherently dangerous’.

“It’s going to cause people to take risks with their driving,” said Terry Cunningham, who lives on Stein Road.

“The public congestion here is constant at peak
times and throughout the day. You can imagine the build-up of traffic. It is an accident waiting to happen.”

Southbourne Parish Council has also objected to the plans.

“The proposed development would be undesirable backland development and is considered un-neighbourly and overbearing,” said Lawrence Tirebeck, clerk to the council.

The appeal will be decided on the basis of an exchange of written statements by the appellant and the council and a site visit.

Written representations by the public can also be submitted to the planning inspectorate.