Bike theft in Chichester city centre: Are police doing enough to prevent theft

Bike thieves in Chichester seem to be getting an easy ride according to a disgruntled resident

Tuesday, 9th November 2021, 12:22 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 7:54 am
Bike theft on West Street,Chichester at midday

Another bike theft has occurred in Chichester city centre. This bike, which was locked up to signpost on lively Westgate in Chichester city centre, is electric and estimated to be worth £2,500.

Lorraine Greenfield, who lives in Birdham, was visiting the dentist at around 11 o'clock and locked up her bike outside the Chichester Inn. She returned after 'no more than 20 minutes,' and her blue Specialized Turbo Vado 3 hybrid bike was gone.

Her frustrated husband Martin Greenfield, who works in aviation, said: "She goes everywhere on it, she takes it into Chichester all the time, takes it to the Witterings. She tries to not use the car and use the bike. We like to do our bit to reduce congestion and things. she was really upset about it all."

Mr Greenfield explained that both he and his wife had called the police and were left unimpressed by their ambivalent response: "Something's going wrong here, they are just not interested. I can understand they may be tight on funding, but there are lots of ways this could be managed in a better way".

After posting on a social media app for neighbours, Next Door, Mr Greenwood received many comments from people who had similar things happen to them, two of which occurred only a few days around the Greenwood's theft.

Mr Greenwood continued: "Is there something going on in Chichester that the police need to be looking at? What is going on here? It's almost like it's accepted that it happens."

"It's no wonder we are having the problems we have in this country at the moment; if people who are breaking the law are not being punished, it just encourages people."

"I don't feel I can cycle into Chichester now without somebody looking after my bike."

He also stipulated that the theft was premeditated due to the rapid speed it was completed and the machinery that was used: "I shudder to think that they are walking around just looking for opportunities — walking around Chichester with equipment onboard and a means of getting the bike out, maybe there are two or three people."

"It's fine now because nobody got hurt, but what happens when somebody gets hurt, when these brazen criminals suddenly think 'the Police aren't interested so we'll take it to the next level, we'll just knock somebody offf their bike?"

A spokesperson for the police said: "Police received a report of a stolen bike in West Street, Chichester, between 11.10 and 11.45 am on October 19.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to report it online or via 101 and quote serial 524 of 19/10."