Bognor mum speaks out after her teenage daughter is attacked

A teenage girl has been left ‘petrified’ to leave her house after a shocking assault in Bognor.

Friday, 22nd February 2019, 5:00 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd February 2019, 6:09 pm

Sussex Police is investigating after the 16-year-old was attacked by a group of girls outside a fish and chip shop in Station Road on Saturday night. Read our original report here.

Mum Becky Chidwick said she was speaking out on behalf of herself and her daughter because: “We both want to prevent incidents like this happening again.”

Becky said her daughter spent ‘most of the half term indoors’ after the vicious assault.

Becky Chidwick (left) with her daughter Jasmine. Picture contributed

She said Jasmine had gone into town to meet friends but was confronted by a group of girls.

“They decided to spit alcohol over Jasmine and pour alcohol down her back.

“As Jasmine was leaving she could see out of the corner of her eye two particular girls walking behind her.

“Jasmine started to speed up and she felt one of the girls grab her head. She pulled her back and got her on to the ground.

“They were hitting Jasmine’s face and head against the kerb whilst kicking her in the back and arm.”

The attackers ran off after passers-by intervened and Becky said she very felt fortunate and ‘very grateful’.

She added: “Two cars stopped, one was a lady and the other a man. The girls ran off and Jasmine was able to get off the floor.

“Jasmine didn’t wait around for either of them to speak to her and ran home in a terrible state.

“I do [feel fortunate that those people intervened].If they hadn’t stopped their cars and got out, I don’t know what state Jasmine would have come home in. I am definitely thankful to them.”

Becky said she has managed to locate the woman who intervened after ‘witnessing the girls giving Jasmine a few hefty kicks to her back’.

“I told her how grateful I was that she stopped. If she hadn’t, who knows what further injuries Jasmine would have had,” she said.

“She [Jasmine] doesn’t want to go out. She is petrified to go out.

“For the first couple of days, she was in a lot of pain with her head and back. She has popped out a couple of times but has been back within half an hour to an hour which is very unlike my daughter because she is such an outgoing person and loves to be out and about spending time with her friends.”

Becky said she went with Jasmine to the police station the night of the attack, before she was taken to A&E after ‘feeling very sick and dizzy’. She said: “The doctors confirmed she was okay but said she might have mild concussion over the next couple of days.

“They found a trace of blood in her urine which could have been from when they were kicking her back and her kidneys but touch wood, she’s okay.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident which happened between 9 and 9.20pm.

A spokesman said: “The 16-year-old victim was attacked by a group of girls outside a fish and chip shop in Station Road.

“Passers-by intervened and the group walked off in the direction of Morrisons.

“Anyone who witnessed the assault is asked to report online at or call 101 quoting serial 1192 of 16/02.”