Careline launches mobile ‘app’ to improve safety

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A MOBILE phone application linking to Chichester Careline is providing people who are walking or travelling alone with the reassurance they need during the dark winter nights, according to the district council.

“The application allows a person to leave a message on an application on their phone to say where they are going,” a council spokesman explained.

“They can then set the application to call the mobile within a period of time. If this is not answered, it immediately alerts Chichester Careline, who will raise the alarm that there is a problem. They can also press a button on the phone if they are in trouble and it will come straight through to the centre, which is staffed 24 hours a day, every day.”

Careline manager Brenda Jackson added: “This system is ideal for students who are away from home, or lone workers.

“It only costs £52 a year and involves the person having a log in and pin number that they can use on their mobile phone.

“It just provides that extra reassurance to people that if they are out on a dark night by themselves, that there is always someone looking out for them who knows where they are.”