Chichester Police praise witnesses coming forward to help with conviction

Chichester Police have thanked witnesses coming forward to help them with convicting a man guilty of assault.

Friday, 14th January 2022, 5:25 pm
Updated Friday, 14th January 2022, 5:34 pm
Chichester Police have thanked witnesses for coming foward to aid in their convictions

Chichester Police have urged more people to come forward if they are witnesses to a crime that has taken place.

This is due to be able to assist the criminal process in the most effienct way for the police as police.

On their Facebook page Chichester Police wrote: “Witnesses are crucial in police investigations, and that was highlighted recently with the conviction of a man for assault in Chichester.

“In December 2020, officers received a report of a man being punched at a Tesco Supermarket on Fishbourne Road East.

“The victim said he would accept a letter of apology from the suspect, which would resolve the matter without the need for court.

“However when the suspect attended a voluntary interview, he alleged the victim had in fact assaulted him.

“A witness had previously come forward and provided a statement which supported the victim’s account.

“As a result, the suspect was charged and found guilty at court on December 22, 2021 having already been to two hearings that year.

“He was ordered to pay £650 in compensation to the victim.

PC Pearson, investigating officer, said: “This case illustrates why witnesses coming forward is so important and we thank all of them who do.

“Ultimately we wouldn’t have had such a positive outcome for the victim without the witness providing their statement and attending court, even though they were summonsed a year after the incident took place.”