Chichester railway station ‘among worst in country for bike thefts’

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ks190107-2 Chichester Railway Station phot kate SUS-190203-192916008

More bikes have been stolen from Chichester Railway Station than any other station in Sussex, data analysis has revealed.

Research by the BBC Shared Data Unit showed the city’s station has had 109 bikes reported stolen in the last three years, putting Chichester in the top 15 worst stations for bike thefts in England and Wales.

Bognor Regis station was also in the top 30, with 80 bike thefts in the last three years. The stop has a higher rate of bike thefts than Chichester when considering the number of passengers that travel through the station.

Observer readers have already identified bike theft as a ‘significant issue’ in the city, with one man advised to investigate a bike theft himself.

Superintendent Mark Cleland, Force lead for cycle crime at British Transport Police, said: “Unfortunately, bikes remain a popular target for opportunistic thieves and we understand the frustration of cyclists which their bike is stolen.

“We’re determined to tackle any rise in cycle crime and work closely with train operating companies to improve bike security at station. This includes encouraging operators to invest in dedicated cycle storage areas or high quality CCTV cameras. All this helps at disrupting crime but also in tracking down those responsible for taking bikes.

“To help is deter crime, we recommend that that cyclists invest in good quality D locks, and get their bikes securely marked and registered at”

Responding reports of bike thefts in February this year, a spokesman for Sussex Police said: “We haven’t seen any significant increase or decrease in the number of bicycle thefts in Chichester in recent months, nor is the number disproportionate to towns or cities of similar size.

“Sussex Police have worked with Chichester District Council over many years to deliver crime prevention advice and cycle marking events in the effort to educate, prevent thefts and increase the possibility of identifying stolen cycles. That work is on-going.”

Cyclists are advised to register their bikes as this helps helps police trace recovered cycles and return them to their owners and makes property less appealing to would-be thieves.

Find out more about how to keep your bike safe at: