Family and friends pay tribute to Mark Stoakes, who died after an arson attack in Bognor Regis

The family and friends of Mark Stoakes pay tribute in their words after his death on Friday following an arson attack at his home.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 1:06 pm
Mark Stoakes with his family

It is with great sadness that on Friday 30th April 2021 our beloved Husband/Dad/Friend Mark Stoakes/AKA Daddydog was cruelly taken from us in horrific circumstances.

He was 60 years old. He was originally from Dover and was on holiday in Hayling Island when he met Karen and it was love at first sight. They had two beautiful daughters Charlotte and Paige.

Mark had several jobs over the years from being a chef, having his own window and cleaning companies and more recently a lorry driver. Mark had a passion for anything to do with cars and motorsport.

A tribute to Mark Stoakes from his son James

He was a very popular and well-loved man who would do anything for anyone.

The family are deeply mourning right now but we have managed to put together this tribute from loved ones family and friends. RIP to an absolute hero of a man 04/12/1960 to 30/04/2021 xxxx

My darling Mark, You were my soul mate, you gave 29 years of love and happiness and two wonderful girls. You were taken too soon. There’s so many happy memories to treasure, I miss you so much and my heart is broken. I love you today more than yesterday, I will always love you forever more. Always and forever my love in my heart. Your wife Karen xxx

My dad, You taught me how to ride a bike, how to swim, how to ride a horse, how to stick up to a bully, you taught me maths and many more things as the greatest dad ever who will never be forgotten and will always be with us. I love you so much Charlotte xx

Mark Stoakes

My dad was my absolute world, he taught me to drive a car and a moped, he brought my babies into my life Buddy and Max that got me over my fear of dogs. He was so compassionate and generous. He brushed my hair so gently and we shared the same face. His heart beats on through me and I see his eyes every time I look in the mirror. I’ll love him forever until we’re back together again. My dad and mum made me into the woman I am today and I can never thank him enough for that. I love you dad, Paige xxx

I was your son in law for two years, but within those two years you taught me new adventures, new special places to go away to, how to make this and that, you showed me what true love was and how to cut a fence the right way and what to do if your sky box isn’t working... and now you’re not here... You meant more to me than I could’ve told you but I guess you always knew! Rest easy Mark, I will look after your daughter like I promised and I will keep your family safe forever! Goodnight Daddy Dogg Alfie xxxx

I didn’t get a chance to know my father-in-law as much as his family did, but the short time I spent with him I wholeheartedly enjoyed. I loved the man who made and raised my partner, who cared so much for his whole family like I’ve never seen before. Rest in peace Mark, so many people love and miss you. Harry xxx

Mark was one of the most unselfish and brave men that I have known and as a son in law I couldn’t fault him...

Mark Stoakes died after an arson attack

Mark was one of the funniest men I knew, always coming out with a joke and was a very compassionate man, if he could help you he would... we shall all miss him so much... I used to call him Norman after Norman Wisdom cause of his short little legs... but there was nothing short about him at all... since he lost his own parents he always called me mumsie and I called him sunsie... nothing was too much trouble, if he could help you he would, he was my daughter’s carer, an amazing dad, he will be sadly missed by all who knew him, love you sonsie Jan xxxxx

This is....MARK STOAKES....please leave a message......! Yes, you got it, the answer phone!!! Met daddy dog at Travis Perkins, as he came out with me when he first started.

I remember his daddy dog number plate he had in the window. Stoaksey then decided to go and work for F&G transport... I think about six months later... I joined him!!!

One night whilst working, I was on the A34 and knew somewhere close by there was a McDonald’s, not being sure, about 11pm, I thought I’d ring Stoaksey to see if he knew...!

Yes... he knew that there was one at the next junction! The best bit... he was 2 miles down the road in his truck saying there is 1 space left in front of him and he is saving it for me!

Saving it for me... he was stood in the middle of the A34 waving his arms about to make sure I could see him... so funny! We had some trucking good times!

Then I got to know a man who not only became a very good friend but would always say that I was like his adopted son.

What made it extra special was he treated me like the dad I never had... even gave me a home when I needed one... the list is endless... Gonna miss you my man, sweet dreams xxxxxxx your mate your adopted son JC xxxxx

Alison and Anna send their love xxxxxx

Mark, you simply were the kindest brother in law you used to drive up to Tolworth and pick me up and take me home so I didn’t have to get the train. The journey didn’t take long coz someone liked to drive a tad fast. You used to laugh at my karaoke coz I always was changing the lyrics making up my own. I made up a family dance showing how everyone danced and you, well you just sat there and nodded but that was the Mark we all loved. You were cruelly taken from this world and as a family we will all take over now and look after your babies. I know you’re looking down on us all I love you always xxxxx Louise x

Mark was a great brother in law and loved to hear me sing when I was little, when my sister told me to ‘shut up’ he would always say ‘you shut up, let her sing’. (Even if I wasn’t very good at it.)

He was a kind man and always had time for anyone who needed it or just wanted a chat or needed a drill or just always offered help even if you didn’t take it, he offered. He will be sadly missed. Jazmine xxxx

Me and Mark were so close, always looked out for each other. We had so many happy memories together as a loving family. Mark was always sneaking out of school. Lol. Never got caught. He worked with our Dad’s cleaning company and always did a good job. One funny memory for me was one Sat night we were having a night out but I started feeling poorly, think I had a little too much to drink, I couldn’t stand up. So Mark flung me over his shoulder and carried me home which was about 2 miles. So, when ever I hear the song, He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother, it’s going to have such an impact on me. Mark, was, and still is a very special Brother in my heart, which is broken. He always has said to me, either on the phone or in person, Hello Big Sis, but not any more. Love and going to miss you so, so much. You can have a few drinks with Dad now. LOVE YOU FOREVER. Yvonne xxxx

It was a pleasure to know and spend time with Mark. He was a true family man who was devoted to his wife and 2 daughters. Mark was a very kind and loving man and would do anything for anyone. I will always remember him dropping everything, jumping on a ferry and coming to collect us from France when we were stranded. Mark always made me laugh with his wicked sense of humour and quick wit. As much as Mark will be sorely missed by us all he will always be in our hearts... R.I.P Mark. ‘Lisa xxxx

Mark was the best uncle I could of ever wished for, he was so kind, and would do anything for anyone. My favourite memory of his has to be on their wedding day when they was stood up at the altar saying their vows and Mark said I take thee Karen to be my awfully wedded wife all because he didn’t have his teeth in, the whole room was full of laughter like usual when Mark was there. He will be truly truly missed Gone but never forgotten xx Chloe xx

Mark was the kindest and nicest uncle I could have asked for, such a funny guy. My favourite memories of us was our family trip to Turkey. We all love and miss you so much uncle Mark rest in peace x Alex xx

Mark had a great sense of humour but a very kind heart, my fondest memories will be their wedding day as Karen and Mark’s bridesmaid when he saw Karen you could see how much they loved each other and were meant to be x Will miss seeing you around laughing RIP Mark x Kez xx

I will miss Mark’s Sunday roasts and he was a diamond geezer. Brian

You were like the dad I never had and precious memories will be cherished. We will all miss you Mark. Teigan Smith

The family are trying to raise funds to cover the funeral costs. If you would like to help go to and search Funeral costs for Mark Stoakes.

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