Girl left outside betting shop in Bognor Regis sparks scandal online

The shocking sight of a toddler tied by her reins outside a betting shop in Bognor Regis has sparked a storm of criticism on the internet.

Eyewitnesses told the Daily Mail website they saw the girl, believed to be about four years old, waiting outside the shop for three or four minutes while the woman she was with went in to place a bet.

The incident, filmed by workers across the street on Saturday, has prompted much debate online.

The woman, believed to be her mother, was slammed by readers commenting on the story.

“If I seen this, I would take the child right to the police station! Or just phone the police!! Poor wee kid,” wrote one.

Another posted: “I thought the law was you cannot gamble until you are 18 – surely a four-year-old would be allowed in with her mother.”

View the video of the incident here

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