Hedgehog used as football by children

A HEDGEHOG has been put to sleep after being used as a football by children.

Brent Lodge Wildlife Trust posted a message on its Facebook page yesterday saying the female hedgehog had suspected internal injuries and a broken leg.

The post read: “A very sad case today...a poor little hedgehog came into us with a badly broken leg.

“She was so weak she was unable to stand or even hold her own head up.

“Unfortunately, due to suspected internal injuries and a seriously broken leg, she was put to sleep.

“This story gets worse...this COULD have been prevented.

“This poor, poor little girl was found being used as a football by children! Heartbreaking for all of the staff here.”

Almost 100 people have already commented on the post, with some branding the children’s action ‘disgusting’, ‘awful’ and asking if any action will be taken against them.

The trust’s Facebook page is www.facebook.com/brent.lodge.wildlife.