Non-dwelling burglaries have increased in Witterings and Selsey

POLICE are asking residents to be vigilant this winter after non-dwelling burglaries increased by 100 per cent since last year in the Witterings and Selsey.

The statistics released by police also show non-dwelling burglaries in Chichester increased by 26 per cent.

The primary objects being stolen from the Witterings and Selsey areas are bicycles and garden equipment.

Cash is the primary item being stolen in Chichester and this is because of the wide range of commercial shops within the city.

Bicycles, alcohol and vehicle accessories are other items being stolen from across the area.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team at Chichester said: “We need the public to work alongside us in terms of preventing crime, or at least making it more difficult for thieves.”

Since this time last year, there has been an increase of nine per cent in the number of non-dwelling burglaries in the Midhurst and Petworth areas.

Garden equipment is the main item being stolen. Building materials, cash and personal belongings are other items that have been taken.

The team has urged residents to get in contact with someone they trust to keep a watch on their homes if they go away for a while.

The team added: “Why not let them know the dates you will be away and ask them if they could keep an eye on your home while you are gone?

“If you are going away for a week or so, you could consider coming into your local police station or call 101 to ask for a ‘log’ to be created, which lets us know when you are not around.

“Just tell us the dates you will be gone and whether you have left a key with a trusted neighbour or friend. We will then inform your local PCSO who can keep an eye on your property while on patrol in your area.”

Anyone who would like more crime prevention advice can visit the Sussex Police website, which can be found at