Phones stolen after Chichester store break-in

Phone Boss manager Lucian Stoica
Phone Boss manager Lucian Stoica

A number of phones and tablets have been stolen after a break-in at a store in East Street, Chichester overnight (Thursday, November 1).

Phone Boss manager Lucian Stoica said he arrived at work this morning (Friday) to find that the front door had been smashed and several items had been taken.

Phone Boss, East Street

Phone Boss, East Street

Lucian said: "It happened last night, starting at quarter past 11. One person came in and out of the store at least three times throughout the night until 3am, and we found spots of blood.

"Quite a few phones, second hand and new, and two tablets were stolen."

Lucian, who has lived in Chichester for 12 years and has worked in 'several' retails stores, said this was the worst break-in he had experienced.

He said it was the first break in at Phone Boss since it was opened in December, 2017.

He added: "There have been some small thefts but something like this has never happened to me. It is the worst one so far.

"Chichester used to be a nice, quiet town, but recently you kind of expect this kind of thing. It's unfortunate but you expect it to happen when you shouldn't have to."

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