Police crack down on nuisance scooters in Selsey

Anti-social behaviour and nuisance scooter riders in Selsey were tackled on Tuesday, January 24, when officers from the Road Policing Unit and Neighbourhood Policing Team joined forces.

During Operation Torque, officers stopped and tested a number of scrambler bikes and mopeds. A dynostart machine was used to take a reading of the top speed the bikes were capable of travelling, revealing whether the vehicles had been derestricted; the top speed of a moped is 30mph.

The drivers stopped were given stern words of advice about the way they rode their bikes and invited to a Road Safety Course to learn more about the safety requirements of riding on the road, correct clothing and the law in relation to tampering with mopeds to increase speeds.

All the drivers stopped have agreed to attend the course.

PCSO Sam Treagust said: “We carried out this operation after a number of our local residents told us about how they were being affected by the on-going anti-social and nuisance use of mopeds.

“Our initial aim was to educate young riders about the effects their behaviour was having on others. We will be carrying out more of these operations in the near future, and next time vehicles that have been tampered with or are being ridden in an anti-social manner will be seized from the individual.”

The Road Safety Course is available for anyone to attend.

For more information, please contact PC Glen McArthur at glen.mcarthur@sussex.pnn.police.uk.