Police 'trying to put a stop to' anti-social behaviour at Chichester Gate

Photo: Chichester Police
Photo: Chichester Police

Police officers are investigating reports of ongoing anti-social behaviour in Chichester.

According to Chichester Police, officers are taking reports seriously and have increased foot patrols.

Its post on social media read: "We are taking reports of anti social behaviour at Chichester Gate seriously. Officer foot patrols of the area are ongoing and will continue.

"Please continue to report any incidents of this nature so we can target our resources accordingly. #CommunityPolicing."

Providing more information to the Observer, a spokesman said: "It is an ongoing problem with a group of youths congregating in the area.

"We are trying to manage and put a stop to it. We are keeping an eye on it."

The city police force also responded to concerns about anti-social behaviour at Chichester's bus station.

On Facebook, it wrote: "Thank you for all your comments about the bus station. We can confirm that officers have also been in attendance at this location. If you see incidents of anti social behaviour at these locations please report them to us."